Socially Engaged Documentary and The Web

Monday November 18 th 2013/ 1pm/ Headquarters

This session, presented in collaboration with the CSN, will invite creators and producers who have chosen the web as an alternative platform where they can seek out new possibilities for social engagement and mobility. Our panel will explore how the current conditions offered by the web are affecting the creativity and freedoms of media makers, and whether, despite increasing regulation of the Internet, documentary on the web has more options for existing in a less top-heavy environment. What are the conditions and technologies that can create more possibilities for reaching different audiences and reaching audiences differently, as compared to traditional ways of producing and distributing documentary? How is the web platform affecting the language of documen- tary filmmaking, and what possibilities are created for greater influence and mobility?


Patricia Bergeron
Executive Producer


Philippe Lamarre
Fort McMoney

Chris Dymond

Crossover Labs

Florian Thalhofer & the Greeks

Remco Vlaanderen
Submarine Channel