Presented in collaboration with Quartier des Spectacles, the Kino-Pedals draw passers-by into an immersive, interactive world true to the spirit of the festival. In the heart of Quartier des Spectacles and just steps away from the RIDM’s new headquarters (on Saint-Urbain at Sherbrooke), and close to the festival’s main venues (Cinéma du ParcCinéma ExcentrisCinémathèque québécoiseCinéma UQAM), the kino pedals, from November 8th to the 24th starting from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., will be an interactive experience for everyone. Four modules, in the shape of the letters R-I-D-M, will be equipped with six sets of pedals that activate projectors loaded with films. When the pedals are in motion, the short films are projected on a giant outdoor screen.

Interactive audio-visual design: Guillaume Arseneault 
Installation concept and design: Pete & Vegas
Film programming: Daïchi Saïto 

Presented in collaboration with Praxi inc.

The films in the installation were selected by Daïchi Saïto, a filmmaker and programmer from the Double Negative
Collective. The programme presents a diverse panorama of non-fiction cinema, with contemporary works from
Japan, Austria, the U.S., Switzerland, Ecuador and Canada. The notions of document and archive, portraiture,
passage in time, memory and its fragility are among the strands that connect these works that range through the
diaristic, personal, observational, and formalist.

The Pete & Vegas collective designed the Kino-Pedals installation. Pete & Vegas is a Quebec-based business
focused on creating and building new designs for public spaces. Its mission is to design and produce dynamic,
user-generated public spaces, at every step merging urban design with event production. Pete & Vegas aims
to bring life to the city’s public spaces by gathering people around new ideas and encouraging them to act directly
on their environment and within their community.

Guillaume Arseneault produced the interactive and audio-visual aspects of the Kino-Pedals. Guillaume Arseneault
is a transmedia digital artisan who is interested in the kinetic reinsertion of the body into interactive environment.
Driven by a desire to find meaning in the digital age, he hybridizes technology to provoke interpersonal reactions
and dialogues. From immersive installations to architectural projections and lighting, sound and technological
designs, the breadth of his interests is his creative fuel. Since 2011, he has worked as a designer for Artificiel,
a creative digital technology studio.

  • Film ist. [1. Movement and Time / 4. Material / 12. Memory and Document] (Gustav Deutsch) 
  • Homme en mouvement (Christophe M. Saber, Ruben Glauser, Max Idje)
  • SpaceTimeDog (Nikolaus Eckhard)
  • Remains (Louise Bourque) 
  • Photograph of Wind, Drawn and Quartered (Lynne Sachs)
  • Unfortunately, It Was Paradise (Ralitsa Doncheva)
  • Over {Past:Future} Sight (Christine Lucy Latimer)
  • 12 Explosions, A to A (Johann Lurf) 
  • Into the Mass, Tokyo – Ebisu (Tomonari Nishikawa) 
  • Seeing In the Rain (Chris Gallagher)
  • Recordando el ayer (Alexandra Cuesta) 
  • 60 Seconds 600 minutes, Omokage, Commemorative Photos (Maki Satake)
  • Light Is Calling (Bill Morrison)
  • Notes For a Polish Jew (Abraham Ravett)
  • Re-girl-flash, A Found Beach (Keitaro Oshima)