Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction

Sophie Huber

Country : Switzerland
Year : 2012
Language : English
Runtime : 77 min
Cinematography : Seamus Mcgarvey
Editing : Angelo Corrao Ace, Russell Greene, Jason Brandenberg
Sound : Roland Widmer, Stefan Willenegger
Production : Christian Davi, Chiemi Karasawa, Christof Neracher, Thomas Thümena
Robin Smith
Quebec Premiere
Special Presentations

Everybody knows Harry Dean Stanton, whether they realize it or not. For some of us, he will always be the sad wanderer in Paris, Texas. Others will remember him as the cynical technician in Alien. His distinctive presence has left an indelible impression on countless moviegoers. But who is Harry Dean Stanton, really? Filmmaker Sophie Huber combines interviews, clips and private moments to elicit the essence of a solitary, quiet man whose modesty only reinforces his power to fascinate us. This fine actor’s every gesture and feature reveal uncommon sensitivity, which shines through brilliantly in the songs that he agrees to sing for a camera, creating an intensely emotional portrait of a unique face.

Presented in collaboration with the Festival du nouveau cinéma

Screening 45
16 Nov
Cinéma du Parc 1
Screening 174
24 Nov
Cinéma Excentris -