Yallah! Underground
by Farid Eslam
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Country : United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Canada, Egypt, Czech Republic
Year : 2015
Language : English, Arabic
Subtitles : English
Runtime : 85 min
Production : Jeffrey Brown, Farid Eslam, Dina Harb, Dana Wilson
Cinematography : Prokop Soucek
Editing : Jakub Vomacka
Sound : Ladislav Greiner, Karel Havlicek
Farid Eslam
Mind Riot Media

Farid Eslam

Istanbul United (2014)
Beat Dox

They come from Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and Israel; they play rap, rock, electronica and folk, and they all share a heightened awareness of the politics of making music. It is a dimension that hits home when they experience reprisals both symbolic and tangible. Rather than being deterred, they are even more motivated to forge ahead and turn their art into a cry for freedom. Farid Eslam met these musicians, among the Arab world’s most influential and outspoken, taking stock of a generation’s hopes and dreams – some of them alive and kicking, others in tatters amidst the uncertainties and disruptions in the wake of the Arab Spring.

Presented in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Montréal and Cinema Politica

Screening Sur contribution volontaire - Voluntary Contribution

Director or member of the crew will be attending

20 Nov
Université Concordia - Alumni Auditorium H110
Screening 2

Director or member of the crew will be attending

22 Nov
Cinéma du Parc 1