vaillants, Les
by Pascal Sanchez
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Country : Quebec
Year : 2015
Language : French
Subtitles : English
Runtime : 79 min
Production : Pascal Sanchez
Cinematography : Pascal Sanchez
Editing : Natalie Lamoureux
Sound : Mélanie Gauthier
Clotilde Vatrinet
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Pascal Sanchez

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La reine malade (2010)
Opening film

A public housing development in Montreal’s Saint-Michel district. Intended as a counterpoint to the many (un)intentionally reductive reports about the infamous neighbourhood, this new film by Pascal Sanchez (La reine malade, RIDM 2010) is a long-term project, a proud example of a patient, humanist documentary tradition capable of revealing the essence of a place and its people. Filmed over the course of a year, Les vaillants is an immersion in a complex community as it copes with the daily challenges encountered by the volunteers and workers in its local associations. Full of funny, touching characters, the film is a lively salute to the people hard at work in the shadows, fighting every day to change lives for the better.

Screening 1 - sur invitation / by invitation only

Director or member of the crew will be attending

12 Nov
Université Concordia - Alumni Auditorium H110
Screening 2

Director or member of the crew will be attending

14 Nov
Cinéma Excentris - Cassavetes