Polar Sea 360°
by Thomas Wallner Stephanie Weimar Irene Vandertop
Country : Canada, Germany
Year : 2014
Language : English, French, German
Runtime : 0 min
Platform : Réalité Virtuelle / Virtual Reality (Samsung Gear VR)
Website : http://polarsea360.arte.tv
Production : Irene Vandertop, Thomas Wallner, Stephanie Weimar
Artistic direction : Thomas Wallner
Technical direction : Scott Herman
Sound : Janine White
Thomas Wallner
Deep Inc

Stephanie Weimar



Opening Hours:
November 12-22: from 11AM to 8PM*
*Special hours for November 13, 14, 15, 17 and 18: 11AM to 6PM, plus 7PM to 9PM for UXdoc sessions with director-led navigation

The Northwest Passage through the waters of the Canadian Arctic has only been open for a short time, but it has quickly become a top destination for thrill-seeking tourists. The melting of the polar ice that makes their adventures possible comes with serious consequences, particularly for the aboriginal communities that live in the area. The world’s first 360° documentary, Polar Sea 360° gives us front row seats for a trip through the Passage, immersing us in the vast, frozen Far North. Accompanied by a television series, mobile app and travel blog, this impressive multi-platform project provides a series of perspectives on the environmental and cultural changes resulting from global warming.