Pipelines, pouvoir et démocratie
by Olivier D. Asselin
Country : Quebec
Year : 2015
Language : French
Runtime : 90 min
Production : Denis McCready
Cinematography : Olivier D. Asselin
Editing : Boban Chaldovich
Sound : Patrice LeBlanc, Serge Boivin
Élise Labbé
Office national du film du Canada

Olivier D. Asselin

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Les âmes en friche (2009)
Le goût du métal (2011)
Report on Quebec

Since TransCanada announced its planned Energy East pipeline – a project that would carry oil-sands crude 4,600 km through Alberta to Cacouna, Quebec – environmental groups in Quebec have worked tirelessly to stop the project due to its potentially catastrophic environmental consequences. How can things be changed? Olivier D. Asselin, a director known for his commitment to social causes, takes an inside look at the various strategies, from delicate political manoeuvres within the Assemblée nationale to activist groups’ lobbying, to media events and direct action. More than just an account of a crucial environmental struggle, the film is an intelligent and nuanced portrait of the workings of political power in Quebec.

Presented in collaboration with Télé-Québec and the Cœur des sciences de l’UQAM

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16 Nov
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18 Nov
Pavillon Judith Jasmin Annexe - Salle Jean-Claude Lauzon