of the North
by Dominic Gagnon
Country : Quebec
Year : 2015
Language : Inuktitut, English
Runtime : 74 min
Production : Dominic Gagnon
Editing : Dominic Gagnon
Sound : Dominic Gagnon, Bruno Bélanger
Alexandra Dagenais

Dominic Gagnon

R.I.P. in Pieces America (2009)
Data (2010)
Pieces and Love All to Hell (2011)
Big Kiss Goodnight (2012)
Hoax_Canular (2013)
Canadian feature competition

“In the land of ice and snow, don’t call me Eskimo.” That is the refrain of a song heard in Dominic Gagnon’s latest film. In a similar vein to his recent works, of the North is a collage of amateur web videos that together provide a hallucinatory vision of the Arctic. Thanks to exceptional sound work that makes fine use of silences, the roughness of the recordings and fascinating but also unsettling throat singing, the film not only presents Inuit self-perceptions, but those of a filmmaker who, driven by the uncanny intensity of a people who live in a merciless environment, exacerbates the violence, culture shock and fierce beauty of a world that becomes, before his eyes, a true Interzone.

Screening 1

Director or member of the crew will be attending

17 Nov
Cinéma du Parc 1
Screening 2

Director or member of the crew will be attending

20 Nov
Pavillon Judith Jasmin Annexe - Salle Jean-Claude Lauzon