My Love, Don't Cross That River
by Moyoung Jin
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Country : South Korea
Year : 2014
Language : Korean
Subtitles : French, English
Runtime : 86 min
Production : Kyungsoo Han
Cinematography : Moyoung Jin
Editing : Zinsik Hyun
Sound : Minu Jung
Maëlle Guenegues
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Moyoung Jin

Premier long métrage - First Feature

This is a story of unconditional, larger-than-life love. Byeongman Jo is 98 and Kyeyeol Kang is 89. After 76 years of marriage, they still hold hands as they stroll in their Sunday best; they still have snowball fights. She takes care of him, he sings and picks flowers for her. Every moment is proof of their indestructible bond, strong enough to overcome the struggles of a harsh life. But their twilight years are fast approaching... For more than a year, Moyoung Jin discreetly filmed the everyday life of this exceptional yet entirely ordinary couple. An unprecedented success for an independent Korean documentary, the film deserves a place among the great tragic romances. A heartbreaking meditation on the fragility of happiness.

14 Nov
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15 Nov
Cinéma du Parc 1