by Camilla Nielsson
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Country : Denmark
Year : 2014
Language : English, Shona
Subtitles : English
Runtime : 99 min
Production : Henrik Veileborg
Cinematography : Henrik Bohn Ipsen
Editing : Jeppe Bødskov
Sound : Thomas Jaeger
Anne Marie Kürstein
Danish Film Institute

Camilla Nielsson

Children of Darfur (2005)
Cities on Speed: Mumbai Disconnected (2009)
We Will Be Strong in Our Weakness (2011)
International feature competition

Sometimes, a film’s title is bitterly ironic. Democrats closely follows the work of two Zimbabwean politicians – sworn political enemies – who have been enlisted to write a new constitution for their country. Paul Mangwana represents Mugabe’s ruling party, while Douglas Mwonzora, a famous lawyer, is an opposition star. For months, the two men wage merciless battle, to the point that the slightest disagreement can lead to organized riots, illegal imprisonments, and even assassination attempts. A breathtaking political thriller, Democrats is a striking portrait of two men who, despite unbearable pressure, will try to reach the best possible compromise – a slim hope that cannot survive Mugabe’s harsh gaze.

Presented in collaboration with the CSN

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Director or member of the crew will be attending

15 Nov
Cinéma du Parc 1
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17 Nov
Cinémathèque québécoise - Salle Fernand-Seguin