bouton de nacre, Le
by Patricio Guzmán
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Country : Chile, Spain, France
Year : 2014
Language : Spanish
Subtitles : French
Runtime : 82 min
Production : Renate Sachse
Cinematography : Katell Djian
Editing : Emmanuelle Joly
Sound : Alvaro Silva Wuth
Francis Ouellette
FunFilm Distribution

Patricio Guzmán

La bataille du Chili (1975-1979)
Chili, la mémoire obstinée (1997)
Le cas Pinochet (2001)
Salvador Allende (2004)
Nostalgie de la lumière (2010)
Special Presentations

After Nostalgia for the Light, filmmaker Patricio Guzmán has made another fine philosophical essay that explores history through the prism of the elements. This time out, water is the common thread for an exploration of the past. Water, because it forms Chile’s longest border, seems to contain all of the country’s secrets and memory. From the depths of the Pacific are heard the voices of the Patagonian Indians, decimated by European colonists, and, more recently those of the political opponents of Pinochet who disappeared off the Chilean coast. Winner of the Silver Bear for best script at the Berlin Festival, The Pearl Button is a majestic and heartbreaking tribute to the victims of history and to the immensity of the universe.

Presented in collaboration with the festival Présence autochtone

21 Nov
Cinéma Excentris - Cassavetes
22 Nov
Cinéma du Parc 2