Canadian feature competition
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Alexandre Castonguay embarks on a 760-kilometre walking trek through Abitibi, with Gaston Miron’s poem La marche à l’amour in his head, while… Dominic Leclerc | 2013 | French | s.t. English | 79 min

Alex marche à l'amour

John Walker takes us on an impassioned and inspiring journey into the Inuit struggle for control over the High Arctic, a lengthy process begun in… John Walker | 2013 | English | s.t. English | 90 min

Arctic Defenders

Haunted by the memory of his legs, lost in a mechanical accident, Ariel dreams of building his own prostheses. An ethereal, metaphorical story… Laura Bari | 2013 | Spanish | s.t. French | 96 min


An essential documentary for anyone who wants to understand the challenges facing the Haitian people, from the inside. A big, ambitious work that… Joseph Hillel | 2013 | Haitian Creole, French, English | s.t. French | 83 min

Ayiti Toma, au pays des vivants

Khoa Lê visits his relatives in Vietnam. Dominated by his grandmother’s colourful personality, the film combines a portrait and a self-portrait… Khoa Lê | 2013 | Vietnamese, French | s.t. French | 85 min

Bà nôi (grandma)

Jessica Moss and Efrim Menuck, members of Thee Silver Mt. Zion, must juggle a precarious life as working musicians with raising their child. Helene Klodawsky | 2013 | English | s.t. French | 80 min

Come Worry With Us!

An energetic account of “Shannen’s Dream,” a campaign to improve access to good education for First Nations children, which teen activists brought… Alanis Obomsawin | 2013 | English | s.t. French | 100 min

Hi-Ho Mistahey

Videos shared online by teens on the eve of the apocalypse: facing their webcams, whether serious or satirical they exorcise their fears by causing… Dominic Gagnon | 2013 | English | 95 min


The engrossing portrait of a night worker in a fish packing plant, by turns suspenseful, hilarious and contemplative, and a brilliant cinematic… David Redmon , Ashley Sabin | 2013 | English | 64 min

Night Labor

A fascinating, elegantly directed portrait of Patrice Fortier’s life at La Société des plantes, in Kamouraska, where he is preserving and… Julie Perron | 2013 | French | s.t. English | 80 min

semeur, Le

An up-close and personal look at Sudan; from interviews to reflections on the country’s essence, this film explores a people as rich with promise… Alexandra Sicotte-Lévesque | 2013 | English, Arabic | s.t. French | 74 min

The Longest Kiss (À jamais, pour toujours)

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