Canadian feature competition
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An experimental oddity that portrays the everyday lives of urban youth through the prism of Alain Badiou’s philosophy. Cinema reinvented, nothing… Isiah Medina | 2015 | English, French | s.t. French | 66 min


Summer nights on Mount Royal, where lovers gather. A poem by Quebec’s most romantic documentary director. Jean-François Lesage | 2015 | French, English | s.t. French, English | 63 min

A Summer Love (Un amour d'été)

What happens to circus artists when age catches up with them? Viveka Melki provides an answer with a touching look at a community of retired (or… Viveka Melki | 2015 | English | s.t. French | 78 min

After Circus

Filmed in the callshops of Istanbul, where countless migrants keep in touch with their home countries, the film is a powerful, dignified testament… Hind Benchekroun , Sami Mermer | 2015 | Arabic, French, Kurdish, Turquish | s.t. French | 105 min

Callshop Istanbul

Is it possible to deprogram cult members? Starting with the case of her half-brother, Mia Donovan investigates the practice and its creator, the… Mia Donovan | 2015 | English | 86 min


In the heart of Oklahoma: can a huge amateur production of the Passion of the Christ survive the arrival of a plump new Jesus who’s just converted… Billie Mintz , Julian T. Pinder | 2014 | English | 77 min

Jesus Town, USA

The coming of age of young Colombians with a passion for bullfighting. A poetic and political reflection on the issues facing tomorrow’s Colombia. Pablo Alvarez-Mesa | 2015 | Spanish | s.t. French, English | 96 min

Nuestro Monte Luna

Through a collage of web videos, a hallucinatory vision of the Arctic, transformed before our eyes into a true Interzone. Dominic Gagnon | 2015 | Inuktitut, English | 74 min

of the North

An autobiographical, family and political chronicle of a Jewish family that decides to move from Brooklyn to Jerusalem. Danae Elon | 2015 | English, Arabic, Hebrew | s.t. French, English | 87 min

P.S. Jerusalem

André-Line Beauparlant creates a portrait of her brother, a compulsive liar imprisoned in Brazil. An expertly crafted, bittersweet film that keeps… André-Line Beauparlant | 2015 | French, English | s.t. French, English | 75 min


The filmmaker’s relationship, by telephone and letter, with Spoon, a prison lifer turned poet. Words and images echo each other in this splendid… Michka Saäl | 2015 | English, French | s.t. French | 66 min


A portrait of the lives, dreams and challenges facing young people, as seen through the prism of a high school graduating class. Geneviève Dulude-De Celles | 2015 | French | s.t. English | 75 min

Welcome to F.L. (Bienvenue à F.L.)

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