Canadian feature competition
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How should we resist? With 18 cows, was the brilliant conclusion reached by a group of Palestinian villagers in 1987. Combining reminiscences and… Paul Cowan , Amer Shomali | 2014 | English, Arabic, Hebrew | s.t. French, English | 75 min

18 fugitives, Les

A playful and poetic stroll through Verdun, the childhood neighbourhood of filmmaker Claude Demers, who explores every facet of the neighbourhood’s… Claude Demers | 2014 | French | s.t. English | 79 min

D'où je viens

A sensitive and poetic visit to the Bunong, whose endangered culture has always been linked to the capture and taming of wild elephants. Arnaud Bouquet , Daniel Ferguson | 2014 | lang_bunong-en, Khmer | s.t. French | 86 min

derniers hommes éléphants, Les

Julia Kwan takes a humble, patient look at Vancouver’s Chinatown and the wrenching changes its residents are facing. A thoughtful reflection on… Julia Kwan | 2014 | English, lang_cantonais-en | s.t. French, English | 86 min

Everything Will Be

Vincent Toi films his native Mauritius, its people and their passion for horse racing. A first film steeped in poetry and the spirit of freedom. Vincent Toi | 2014 | English, French, lang_creole-en | s.t. French, English | 61 min

I've Seen the Unicorn

An autobiographical first film demonstrating considerable maturity and heartbreaking intensity, about a family struggling with mental illness and… Karina Garcia Casanova | 2014 | English, Spanish, French | s.t. French, English | 85 min


A high school in Gaspé: today’s youth, both unique and universal, beautifully observed in a series of impeccably composed and edited scenes. Jean-François Caissy | 2014 | French | s.t. English | 76 min

marche à suivre, La

A meandering, poetic essay about the city’s night hawks, whose poignant confessions reveal the existence of an entire parallel community. Diane Poitras | 2014 | French | s.t. English | 74 min


A portrait of three Montreal artists who share a studio. A reflection on art and work, and a humble, poignant essay on friendship and the passage… Bruno Baillargeon | 2014 | French | s.t. English | 103 min

oeuvre des jours, L'

An investigation into the suspicious death of a young Inuk becomes a sensitive, essential plea for justice for a people victimized by denial and… Susan Avingaq , Marie-Hélène Cousineau | 2014 | English, lang_inuktitut-en | s.t. French, English | 77 min


A fascinating investigation of the nebulous terms of one of the most important treaties between a First Nation and the government. An essential… Alanis Obomsawin | 2014 | English, Cree | s.t. French, English | 84 min

Trick or Treaty?

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