Against the Grain
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Life in a free school in the United States. Is it possible to approach education differently? That is the question the filmmaker asks in this… Amanda Rose Wilder | 2014 | English | 89 min

Approaching the Elephant

Filming the confessions of prostitutes and addicts around the world, photographer Antoine d’Agata delivers an unforgettable nocturnal odyssey into… Antoine D'Agata | 2013 | Spanish, Georgian, Hindi, Russian | s.t. English | 77 min


A poignant portrait of Canadian playwright David Fennario by Martin Duckworth: although confined to a wheelchair, Fennario battles on, focusing his… Martin Duckworth | 2014 | English | 69 min

Fennario – The Good Fight

In Cali, two young Colombians are more into tagging than school. A fictional work steeped in documentary daydreams and driven by contagious energy. Oscar Ruiz Navia | 2014 | Spanish | s.t. French | 103 min

hongos, Los

The story of an American whose life took a turn when he met the mysterious V., and is now serving a life sentence in São Paulo. This unusual… Maíra Bühler , Matias Mariani | 2014 | English, Spanish | s.t. French | 92 min

I Touched All Your Stuff

Combining archival images and her own 16mm footage, the filmmaker looks into her Mormon roots, in the process offering a broader reflection on the… Talena Sanders | 2013 | English | 70 min


At 75, Giuseppe Marinoni is preparing to challenge a record for the longest distance cycled in one hour by a man of his age – a goal perfectly in… Tony Girardin | 2014 | French, English, Italian | s.t. French, English | 87 min


Using a fascinating montage of institutional and educational maternity-training films, this feminist essay traces the complex genealogy of control… Irene Lusztig | 2013 | English, French | s.t. English | 91 min

Motherhood Archives, The

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