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A funny but violent immersion in a political nightmare: the 2011 presidential election campaign in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A lucid,… Dieudo Hamadi | 2012 | Lingala | s.t. French | 61 min


This examination of the power struggles that take place over an oil deposit in Ghana is both a breathtaking suspense story and a perceptive look at… Rachel Boynton | 2013 | English | 99 min

Big Men

A poignant, lucid portrait of a group of young people born and raised in a Palestinian refugee camp in Syria. Their situation is complex, their… Axel Salvatori-Sinz | 2012 | Arabic | s.t. French | 78 min

Chebabs de Yarmouk, Les

In the lobby of a social-housing building in Lausanne, the shared laundry facilities are a microcosm where the socioeconomic relationships of the… Floriane Devigne , Fred Florey | 2013 | French, Spanish, Portuguese | s.t. English | 72 min

clé de la chambre à lessive, La

In Colombia, a young Wayuu girl embraces her people’s tradition and agrees to be isolated from men for one year after her first menstruation, a… Priscila Padilla Farfan | 2013 | Spanish | s.t. English | 87 min

Eternal Night of Twelve Moons, The

A group of Italians travel to Alaska to work, but the promised jobs don’t exist. They and the filmmaker decide to continue the adventure. A warm… Alessandra Celesia | 2012 | Italian | s.t. French | 90 min

Mirage à l'italienne

In Mexico, a strange role playing game has tourists pretend to cross the U.S. border illegally. A subtle film about the United States’ irresistible… Eleonore Weber | 2012 | Spanish | s.t. French | 75 min

Night Replay

Mélanie and Olivier go on a cycling trek along the North Shore of the St. Lawrence, with the aim of better understanding the complex relations… Mélanie Carrier , Olivier Higgins | 2013 | French | 80 min


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