Special Presentations
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The granddaughter of Salvador Allende tries to get her family to talk about the grandfather she never knew. A gripping, deeply moving investigation. Marcia Tambutti Allende | 2015 | Spanish | s.t. English | 98 min

Beyond My Grandfather Allende (Allende mi abuelo Allende)

A new philosophical essay by Patricio Guzmán, exploring Chile’s painful past using water as a metaphor. A majestic and heartbreaking tribute. Patricio Guzmán | 2014 | Spanish | s.t. French | 82 min

bouton de nacre, Le

Censored until recently, interviews recorded by Amos Oz immediately after the Six-Day War expose Israeli soldiers skepticism and regret toward the… Mor Loushy | 2015 | Hebrew | s.t. English | 84 min

Censored Voices

Through expertly assembled archival footage, Sergei Loznitsa revisits the failed 1991 coup that led to the fall of the USSR. An essential… Sergei Loznitsa | 2015 | Russian | s.t. English | 74 min

Event, The

The gripping story of the struggle of Omar Khadr, imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay at the age of 15. A complex analysis of the events and their… Patrick Reed , Michelle Shephard | 2015 | English, Arabic | s.t. English | 80 min

Guantanamo's Child: Omar Khadr

The neighbourhood of Jackson Heights in New York City is, for Wiseman, an unparalleled laboratory for observation of the state of immigration… Frederick Wiseman | 2015 | English, Arabic, Spanish | s.t. French, English | 190 min

In Jackson Heights

Through a train journey, the great Albert Maysles pays heartfelt tribute to the tragedies and hopes of an America that’s always on the go. Albert Maysles , Lynn True , David Usui , Nelson Walker , Ben Wu | 2015 | English | 76 min

In Transit

Filmed in Toronto, São Paulo and at the Louvre in Paris, an exploration of urban space in a remarkable visual style, by contemporary artist Mark… Mark Lewis | 2015 | 87 min


Through a few conversations with adolescents, this posthumous film by Eduardo Countihno creates a deeply touching portrait of Brazilian youth, from… Eduardo Coutinho | 2015 | Portuguese | s.t. English | 85 min

Last Conversations

A new documentary from Chantal Akerman, a solemn portrait of her mother in the last years of her life, making us experience death as a devastating… Chantal Akerman | 2015 | French | s.t. English | 115 min

No Home Movie

For 10 years, we follow the lives of employees from a failed company. A beautifully photographed epic of everyday life. Nikolaus Geyrhalter | 2015 | German | s.t. English | 188 min

Over the Years

The Bois de Vincennes over four seasons. A humanist stroll in search of the denizens of a unique urban forest. Claire Simon | 2015 | French | s.t. English | 144 min

The Woods Dreams Are Made of (Le bois dont les rêves sont faits)

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