Special Presentations
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A look inside the oldest and most prestigious public university in the United States, the University of California, Berkeley. Frederick Wiseman… Frederick Wiseman | 2013 | English | s.t. French | 244 min

At Berkeley

The new film by Laura Poitras (My Country, My Country; The Oath) is one of this year’s most eagerly anticipated titles: a documentary thriller… Laura Poitras | 2014 | English, German, Portuguese | s.t. English | 113 min


After a serious snowboarding accident, American champ Kevin Pearce is completely focused on getting back to the slopes. The maker of Waste Land… Lucy Walker | 2013 | English | 107 min

Crash Reel, The

Avi Mograbi adopts a less politically charged and more pensive tone in this voyage in search of a bygone Middle East without borders or violence. Avi Mograbi | 2012 | Hebrew, Arabic | s.t. French | 98 min

Dans un jardin je suis entré

A funny, deeply moving film about the mystery that is the family. Peter Liechti films his own parents, complete with salty talk and rabbit puppets. Peter Liechti | 2013 | German | s.t. English | 93 min

Father's Garden - The Love of My Parents

Vivian Maier lived a simple life as a nanny, but left 100,000 photographs behind, achieving posthumous fame as one of the most important American… John Maloof , Charlie Siskel | 2013 | English | 84 min

Finding Vivian Maier

Alan Berliner’s portrait of his cousin, the poet Edwin Honig, who suffered from Alzheimer’s. Grand Prize winner at IDFA. Alan Berliner | 2013 | English | 80 min

First Cousin Once Removed

A magnificent portrait of one of the cinema’s most famous faces, and of an uncommon person who embodies the concepts of modesty and freedom. Sophie Huber | 2012 | English | 77 min

Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction

In this essential and heartbreaking film, Rithy Panh recreates key scenes from his childhood, cruelly stolen by the Khmer Rouge. Grand prix, Un… Rithy Panh | 2013 | French | s.t. English | 101 min

image manquante, L'

Lebanon: space exploration pioneer? The filmmakers have uncovered a forgotten history, combined it with performance art, and created a deeply… Joana Hadjithomas , Khalil Joreige | 2012 | Arabic, English, French | s.t. French | 95 min

Lebanese Rocket Society, The

Nicolas Philibert chronicles a day in the life at Radio France in Paris, making a compelling film about the human voice. Nicolas Philibert | 2013 | French | s.t. English | 99 min

maison de la radio, la

Making creative use of amateur archival footage, Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi create a poetic activist film about Italian colonial… Yervant Gianikian , Angela Ricci Lucchi | 2013 | French, Italian | s.t. French | 65 min

Pays barbare

The inspiring portrait of Salma, the most famous Tamil poet, and her constant struggle for women’s rights. An essential political work with a… Kim Longinotto | 2013 | Tamil, English | s.t. English | 89 min


This hard-hitting fiction-doc, starring Gael García Bernal, reveals the human tragedy hidden behind the cold rhetoric of the U.S. war on… Marc Silver | 2012 | Spanish, English | s.t. English | 85 min

Who Is Dayani Cristal?

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