Special Presentations
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Martin Scorsese and David Tedeschi make a dense, fascinating portrait of the New York Review of Books, a major voice in the most important… Martin Scorsese , David Tedeschi | 2014 | English | 95 min

50-Year Argument, The

An intimate, touching portrait of one of the most talented and least conformist figures in American cinema, Robert Altman. Ron Mann | 2014 | English | s.t. French | 96 min


A fascinating, complex, historical, philosophical and sociological portrait of China, as seen through chance impressionistic encounters with its… Michka Saäl | 2013 | Cantonese | s.t. French | 89 min

China Me

The new film by Laura Poitras (My Country, My Country; The Oath) is one of this year’s most eagerly anticipated titles: a documentary thriller… Laura Poitras | 2014 | English, Portuguese | s.t. English | 113 min


A dialogue between two Syrian filmmakers, one living in the conflict zone and the other in exile. A poetic reflection on art’s role in the face of… Wiam Simav Bedirxan , Ossama Mohammed | 2014 | Arabic | s.t. French | 92 min

Eau argentée, Syrie autoportrait

An unusual communal-living experiment involving an Iranian atheist and three defenders of the Islamic Republic. An important, original and… Mehran Tamadon | 2014 | Farsi | s.t. French | 105 min


A behind-the-scenes look at the famous Ghibli animation studio, exploring the deep and complex friendship between founders Hayao Miyazaki and Isao… Mami Sunada | 2013 | Japanese | s.t. English | 118 min

Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, The

For three months, Sergei Loznitsa filmed the demonstrations that rocked Kiev. Carefully adhering to his rigorous formal choices, he captures… Sergei Loznitsa | 2014 | Ukrainian | s.t. English | 133 min


Patricio Henriquez tells the Kafkaesque story of his friend Victor Regalado, a Salvadoran journalist detained on a security certificate when he… Patricio Henriquez | 2014 | French, Spanish, English | s.t. French | 90 min

Mon insécurité nationale – Le Canada contre Victor Regalado

Through his exploration of the National Gallery in London, Frederick Wiseman delivers an engrossing tribute to those who have dedicated their lives… Frederick Wiseman | 2014 | English | s.t. French | 174 min

National Gallery

In a small North Dakota town, a pastor fights tirelessly to find beds for a crush of migrants seeking work, but extreme goodness conceals dark… Jesse Moss | 2013 | English | 100 min

Overnighters, The

Julie Bertuccelli films a school year in a class for young immigrants in France. A poignant chronicle, and a subtle look at multiculturalism in… Julie Bertuccelli | 2013 | French | s.t. English | 89 min

School of Babel

The humble and touching portrait of a Vietnam vet and biker and his surprising love story, by the director of Winter’s Bone. Debra Granik | 2014 | English, Spanish | s.t. English | 98 min

Stray Dog

A decade after Darwin’s Nightmare, Hubert Sauper returns with a terrifying, politically charged odyssey to the heart of neo-colonialism in a Sudan… Hubert Sauper | 2014 | English, Arabic, Mandarin | s.t. English | 106 min

We Come As Friends

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