International feature competition
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The settled life of Brandy Burre (The Wire) implodes before our eyes when she decides to relaunch her acting career. A fascinating film, wedged… Robert Greene | 2014 | English | 87 min


An original and poetic essay on racial tensions in Cyprus, and a frank exploration of pressing questions of identity. Iva Radivojevic | 2014 | English, Arabic, Greek | s.t. English | 74 min

Evaporating Borders

An original, poetic exploration of madness in an endless winter. In this odyssey through dark beauty, human suffering is conquered only by the… Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd | 2013 | French, Occitan | s.t. English | 77 min

For the Lost

In this impressive immersion in modern China, Sensory Ethnography Lab member J.P. Sniadecki captures conversations on a train, revealing popular… J.P. Sniadecki | 2014 | Mandarin | s.t. English | 82 min

Iron Ministry, The

A new-style correspondence between a filmmaker and a politician in the unrecognized Republic of Abkhazia becomes an original, poetic exploration of… Éric Baudelaire | 2014 | English, Russian | s.t. French | 103 min

Letters to Max

The Look of Silence is the much anticipated companion piece to The Act of Killing, revisiting the same story from the perspective of the relatives… Joshua Oppenheimer , Anonymes | 2014 | lang_javanais-en, Indonesian | s.t. English | 103 min

Look of Silence, The

Every year in Nabatiyyeh, Lebanon, thousands of Shiites celebrate the Achoura, a festival involving much self-flagellation and self-mutilation. A… Karim B Haroun | 2014 | Arabic | s.t. French, English | 75 min

Mystic Mass

From beyond the grave, a French encyclopedist with a deep love for Africa tries to finish his life’s work. Situated between dreams and reality,… Peter Krüger | 2014 | French, Agni, Bambara, Songhay | s.t. English | 102 min

N – The Madness of Reason

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, young people try to pass the National Diploma at all costs. Dieudo Hamadi’s direct style does justice to their… Dieudo Hamadi | 2014 | French, Lingala | s.t. English | 92 min

National Diploma

In Turkish lettuce fields, a family of Kurdish seasonal workers and a pair of star-crossed young lovers: a colourful, gripping story set against a… Kazim Öz | 2014 | Kurdish, Turquish | s.t. English | 81 min

Once Upon a Time

Through an exploration of the issues involved in running a shelter, Fernand Melgar adds another facet to his remarkable portrait of refugees’ lives… Fernand Melgar | 2014 | French, Spanish, English, Wolof | s.t. French, English | 101 min

Shelter, The

The heartbreaking inner journey of a woman coping with her mother’s illness. Instead of wallowing in pathos, the film is an unforgettable and… Arami Ullón | 2014 | German, English, Spanish | s.t. English | 89 min

tiempo nublado, El

A film that takes your breath away through the power of its stories about Korean women forced to “comfort” American soldiers during the Korean… Dong-Ryung Kim , Kyoung-tae Park | 2013 | Korean | s.t. English | 150 min

Tour of Duty

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