International feature competition
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A young man leaves his small town for San Francisco because his parents don’t accept his homosexuality. A poignant modern tale about a cruel… Susanna Helke | 2013 | English | 85 min

American Vagabond

When she receives a surprise call from a long-ago lover, filmmaker Mia Engberg decides to revisit all the images and feelings of her distant youth.… Mia Engberg | 2013 | Swedish, French | s.t. English | 75 min

Belleville Baby

Working in the direct cinema tradition, the filmmakers observed a day in the life of a street in Mexico City’s historic centre. The theatre of… Gerardo Barroso Alcala , Lisa Tillinger | 2013 | Spanish | s.t. English | 80 min

Calle López

Rubel is only a child, but he must survive by smuggling contraband from India to Bangladesh. A disquieting human adventure that lingers in your mind. Sourav Sarangi | 2012 | Acholi | s.t. English | 88 min

Char... The No-Man's Island

Both intimate and universal, this filmed diary of an ill man is a deep work that both documents one man’s struggle and achieves insight on the true… Joaquim Pinto | 2013 | Portuguese | s.t. English | 165 min

E agora? Lembra-me

An unlikely meeting of two Iranian exiles: the elderly gay painter Bahman Mohasses and the young director who turns her camera on him. An elegant,… Mitra Farahani | 2013 | Farsi | s.t. French | 96 min

Fifi hurle de joie

This Algerian film, the director’s first, achieves the miracle of transforming and overcoming the traumas of colonialism through art and… Narimane Mari | 2013 | Arabic | s.t. French | 80 min

Haricots rouges

This masterpiece of editing is a major political film that brilliantly examines one of the most tragic events in the modern history of Philadelphia. Jason Osder | 2013 | English | 88 min

Let the Fire Burn

In Vila Chã, Portugal, they say that women used to go to sea to fish. A wonderful exploration of a place’s collective imagination, part… Gonçalo Tocha | 2013 | Portuguese | s.t. English | 91 min

Mother and the Sea, The

Through the lives of two people still haunted by the Lebanese civil war, Sleepless Nights investigates the complex wounds still festering in the… Eliane Raheb | 2012 | Arabic, English, French | s.t. French | 129 min

Nuits sans sommeil

Through his grandmother’s story, Youlian Tabakov explores Bulgaria’s tumultuous history. A rich, touching first film, and a portrait of an… Youlian Tabakov | 2012 | Bulgarian | s.t. English | 66 min


A kind of avant-garde newsreel, featuring music by Godspeed You! Black Emperor, this important and brilliant film chronicles the indignados… Sylvain George | 2013 | Spanish, French | s.t. English | 133 min

Vers Madrid (The Burning Bright)!

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