International feature competition
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Made entirely from archival footage, the film examines the origins of the Red Army Faction (RAF), creating a counter-history of Germany in the… Jean-Gabriel Périot | 2015 | German, French | s.t. English | 93 min

A German Youth (Une jeunesse allemande)

A hallucinatory journey into haunted visions of John Clare, a 19th century Romantic poet. A reinvention of the biographical documentary. Andrew Kötting | 2015 | English | s.t. French | 84 min

By Our Selves

In a Damascus apartment, three generations of women are forced into seclusion by the Syrian civil war. A powerful interior drama and an unusual… Sara Fattahi | 2015 | Arabic | s.t. English | 98 min


A suspenseful political thriller documenting the merciless struggle behind the most recent Zimbabwean constitution. Camilla Nielsson | 2014 | English, Shona | s.t. English | 99 min


At once intimate and epic, the film documents daily life in Iraq before and after the U.S. invasion of 2003. A major, unforgettable work of great… Abbas Fahdel | 2015 | Arabic | s.t. French, English | 334 min

Homeland (Iraq Year Zero)

The Egyptian revolution as seen from a village in the Luxor Valley, 700 km from Cairo. A superb lesson in humanity, made with humour and empathy. Anna Roussillon | 2014 | Arabic | s.t. French, English | 111 min

Je suis le peuple (I Am the People)

A highly enjoyable political essay in the form of an imaginary monologue delivered by an unknown man looking for his lost lover via pirate radio. Travis Wilkerson | 2015 | English | 71 min

Machine Gun or Typewriter?

A father and son reunite after 20 years, watching the World Cup together in Brazil. A skilfully crafted film, full of sincerity, humour and emotion. Sergio Oksman | 2015 | Portuguese | s.t. English | 68 min

O futebol (On Football)

A docu-fiction that takes us on an alternately touching and terrifying journey into the heart of “white trash” culture in the Deep South, where… Roberto Minervini | 2015 | English | s.t. French | 92 min

Other Side, The

A docu-fiction as unclassifiable as it is brilliant, about the history and identity of Singapore. Science fiction as exorcism of repressed… Daniel Hui | 2014 | English | s.t. English | 105 min


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